FAQ – Nationwide Vehicle Transport

Always try to allow 2 weeks lead time to schedule your vehicle. The more time in advance the better the rates will be and the easier it is for our carriers to arrange pickup and delivery. Expedited service is always an option if you need certain dates arranged, additional fees will apply. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your move as soon as possible to insure that your car is moved within the time frame which best meets your schedule. Usually we are able to have a truck assigned and on its way to pick-up your vehicle 1 to 7 days from the first date it becomes available. If your vehicle is available for pick-up immediately, we will work with you on getting your vehicle scheduled as close to the preferred date as possible. It is helpful when orders are submitted 7 to10 days in advance of the available date. Scheduling your order in advance is helpful, however not mandatory for a successful transport. If you are leaving the area, you must plan enough time for us to pick-up the vehicle before you go. If for some reason this cannot be done, you must have an alternative party (friend, relative, or neighbor) who will be able to sign and turn over the vehicle to the driver for you.

Your vehicle(s) will be insured against in-transit damage caused by carrier negligence or equipment failure by the auto shipping or car transport truck that we assign. These auto shipping and car transport trucks, by law, carry a minimum of $750,000 public liability insurance. In addition, International Express Shipping requires that each independent contractor’s insurance agency supplies us with a certificate of insurance naming International Express Shipping as an additional insured or certificate holder. This certificate comes from the insurance agent’s office, not from the independent contractor. The amount of cargo insurance depends on the size and type of their equipment. Any insurance deductible is paid by the independent contractor. If damage is incurred we will act as liaison during the settlement of your claim.

Our car transport and auto shipping transporters strive to do the best job possible; however, sometimes damage does occur. If damage is found on your vehicle, notify International Express Shipping as soon as it is noticed. We will help in every effort to solve this issue.

An open carrier is similar to those you see transporting cars to and from dealerships. These carriers range in size and capacity. Vehicles that are moved via an open carrier are exposed to weather and road conditions. Enclosed carriers also range in size and capacity. Since these carriers are covered, the vehicles are not subjected to inclement weather or road conditions. Enclosed carriers are recommended for custom, exotic or autos that have been especially cared for.

There are several factors that affect auto shipping prices. We have to determine if you would like to ship door to door or terminal to terminal. Once this is figured out then you have to decide if you would like to enclose the vehicle or ship it in an open carrier. Open transport is generally about 1/3rd less expensive. Open transport is used about 90% of the time. Contact your carrier to get the most up to date rates.

Door-to-Door means the auto shipping or car transport driver will get as close to your door as he can legally and safely get. Many cities have restrictions on large trucks that prohibit them from driving into some residential areas. Transport trucks are enormous and need lots of room to maneuver and turn around, so if access to your home is restricted by narrow streets, low-hanging trees, speed bumps or tight turns, the driver may ask that you meet the truck at a large parking lot nearby such as a shopping center.

No! Your quote is the actual cost of your transportation requirement and there are no extra charges unless you did not specify your car is inoperable, you wish to use an enclosed carrier, or require additional insurance for international transport. (NOTE: Beware auto transporters that add in “tax” (auto transport is a service and not taxed), “fuel surcharge fee” and other extra charges on top of their quote in order to make their quotes appear artificially low.

Here are a few averages that we have been seeing regularly within our carrier network. From East to West its usually 7-14 days. North to South is about 5-7 days. Often times, weather conditions are a major factor as well as the time of the year and location of the transport.

Yes, you or your designated representative must be present at both the pickup and delivery for when the auto shipping or car transport company arrives.

Please don’t take time off work unless the driver requests. Most times we can arrange pickup around your schedule.

A terminal is necessary only in the event there is not enough room for a truck to drop off your vehicle at its destination, because of a narrow or dead-end street, or any other conditions that would not allow a truck to enter. Sometimes there are locations that are very difficult for our larger trucks to enter so we will opt for a terminal to make delivery. These terminals are fully licensed and insured. Terminal shipping is generally a more cost effective option versus door to door delivery.

International Express Shipping does not authorize personal belongings in the vehicle. Our representative will be happy to give you the details why it is not prudent to place items in the vehicle.

The auto shipping driver will drive your car on and off the car transport, and may have to unload and re-load your car occasionally during transport to optimize space on the trailer. This unloading / reloading is kept to a minimum. Your car should not be driven otherwise, and odometer readings should be noted at pickup and delivery. Discrepancies should be noted on the delivery receipt and signed off by the driver.

Your vehicle will stay on one truck with the same driver for the duration of the trip unless something unforeseen happens to the original truck or driver (i.e. a mechanical break down or illness).

These vehicles usually require the use of a “Winch” to assist in the loading process. Generally, we have to determine if the car Rolls, Brakes and Steers. Additional fees will apply based on the cars current condition.

Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items such as ground effects, spoilers, fog lights, or wide mirrors, and lower or remove the antenna if possible. Repair or seal any tears or open seams on convertible tops to prevent fast-moving air from causing further damage. Make sure the radiator has adequate levels of fresh antifreeze. Be sure that the battery is secure, has no leaks, and that the fluid levels are low enough to accommodate expansion. Leave only about ¼ tank of gas in the vehicle, as a full tank of gasoline adds a lot of costly weight to the transport. Deactivate or disconnect anti-theft devices. There can be serious problems and unnecessary expenses if the driver is locked out or if the alarm goes off during the auto shipping process or the car transport. And finally, make sure that your vehicle is clean enough to ensure an accurate pickup inspection. (Note: Please open one window very slightly to relieve pressure due to temperature and elevation changes. This will allow for your vehicle(s) to breath and protect window(s) from blowing out because of the temperature and pressure changes during transport.)

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, electronic transfer, personal checks, money orders, or company checks will be accepted for deposit or full prepayment. As for balance due, the auto shipping and car transport company’s carrier will accept cash, cashier’s check, postal money order, or official bank check ONLY.

Call our dispatcher at the toll free number we provide to you once your order is processed. We will track your order and give you an update as soon as possible.

A common questions is, “Can’t I arrange transport directly with auto shipping or car transport trucking company directly?” There is usually no difference between the rates quoted by a Broker and those of a carrier. Most carriers travel very specific routes and may not be able to accommodate your pickup point, destination, or schedule. Many people aren’t aware that if the carrier they choose is unable to service their requirements, that carrier may broker the transportation to a different transport company anyway. We deal with a large network of auto shipping and car transport companies that service many different routes. We deal only with reputable carriers who are properly licensed and insured, and we act as the liaison between the carrier and you, the customer. We have a well established base of trucks providing quality service to assure you a worry-free move.